SimGHOSTS Mentor Application
Information collected in this form is used to assess the suitability of the applicant to participate in the 2021 SimGHOSTS Mentorship Program. 

Mentors and mentees must be SimGHOSTS members to participate in this program. 

Mentors and mentees complete an application form and our successful applicants will be matched by SimGHOSTS. Applications must be received by December 20th 2020. 

On or before January 13th 2021 SimGHOSTS will contact both mentor and mentee advising them if they have been accepted into the program, and if so, of their match, contact details for their match and preferred contact method. 

The mentee and mentor should each complete a self assessment worksheet prior to initiating contact.

Within 7 days of the match, the mentor will initiate the relationship with the mentee. At the first meeting the mentor and mentee will complete the Mentorship Agreement and provide a signed copy of the agreement to the Program Coordinator. 

SimGHOSTS will support the relationship for up to 9 months however the relationship length and contact method/frequency is negotiable by the mentor and mentee. 

Upon completion of the mentoring agreement or at the end of the 9 month period the mentor and mentee will each complete a brief survey reflecting on the accomplishments of the relationship.

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