Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists

Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists work in a team to reproduce realistic healthcare or emergency situations for training health professionals, first responders, other healthcare workers, patients, and caregivers. Performing just as they would in a real-life setting is an ideal way to train people how to provide safe and effective health care. 

A day in the life of a Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialist


Work with faculty to advise on the best use of technology for the scenario.
Set up simulation and clinical equipment to create a realistic training environment
Apply special effects makeup and props to create realistic appearance of actors and manikins.
Teach faculty and learners how to safely use the simulation equipment.
Monitor and record scenarios, program and control the behaviour of the manikin, and sometimes provide the voice of the manikin.
 Maintain and repair manikins and medical equipment. Advanced repairs are performed by the manufacturer or a biomedical engineer.



For more detailed information about what a healthcare simulation technology specialist does, check out the SimGHOSTS Capability Framework.


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