Simulation Australasia Affiliation
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June 23, 2015 - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. SimGHOSTS, aka the Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists, a 501(c)(3) non profit organization based out of the United States announced an affiliation agreement with Australia-based Simulation Australasia. SimGHOSTS Executive Director James Cypert said of the agreement "We are excited to be directly connecting and collaborating with the Simulation Australia organization, which innovating not just the industry of healthcare simulation, but the global simulation industry as a whole. There is a clear need for SimGHOSTS to explore and learn from the many industries operating simulation technology and Simulation Australia overwhelmingly provides this unique opportunity."

John Stewart explained of the new affiliation that "The SimGHOSTS executive team is rich with innovative energy and our organization looks forward to engaging with them and the global healthcare simulation technology community they serve".

Aims of this Affiliation:

  • Promoting each respective organization and their endeavors amongst relevant networks and wider communities through a variety of routes including traditional and online marketing methods
  • Sharing & developing new knowledge, skills and resources to benefit the respective membership communities of each organization
  • Providing opportunities for collaboration at individual, institutional and organization-wide levels
  • Enhancing the dissemination of innovations and solutions to community identified problems amongst members and the wider simulation community
  • Establishing pathways for professional development and recognition of the Simulation Technology Specialist in healthcare including training programs and research


About Simulation Australia

In 1994 the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) collaborated with industry and academic representatives on a Co-operative Research Centre (CRC) proposal for simulation-related research and development. While that proposal was not funded, project participants were enthused and decided to form an association, led by industry, to further the use and development of simulation in Australia. DSTO also hoped that such an association would manage a newly established annual simulation conference.

In 1996, after planning and negotiation, the Simulation Industry Association of Australia (SIAA) was formed. Its primary goal was to conduct an annual conference, which it did so. SimTecT is held in May/June each year. SIAA had a mission of advancing the research, development, and use of simulation technologies and practices in Australian industry, academia, and government. As SimTecT grew in size and interest in, and awareness of, simulation also expanded, and it became evident that being an ‘industry’ association was a limiting factor on growth and potential.

The Board undertook an extensive review of operations and future possibilities, and in 2010 SIAA became Simulation Australia whose vision is to be the – National Peak body for the simulation community in Australia and recognized as such by relevant decision-makers in government, business and education.

With the purpose of promoting –
The use of simulation for the benefit of providers, practitioners and users in order to increase the use of simulation in achieving organizational goals, for the advancement of Australia's economy and society.

Learn more about Simulation Australasia on their website.