SG16USA Everyday People: Closing the Gaps in Simulation


Laerdal Medical Plenary Address - "Everyday People: Closing the Gaps in Simulation"

Grace Gephart Director, PULSE Center at Arkansas Children's Hospital

Grace Gephardt, MEd is the Director of the PULSE Simulation Center at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. She joined the PULSE Center in 2007 as their Standardized Patient Educator and became the Director in 2013. In her tenure, she has been involved in creating and implementing numerous comprehensive simulation scenarios for multidisciplinary use, including the development and launching of a national training in patient/family communications for pediatric chaplains. In 2014, she was nominated for and received the ‘Outstanding SP Educator of the Year’ award from the Association of Standardized Patient Educators and currently serves as President on the organization’s Board of Directors. Grace is also a member of SSH, SESAM and SimGHOSTS.


Everyday People-Closing Gaps in Simulation from SimGHOSTS on Vimeo.