SG15USA SimGHOSTS in the Machine: A New Standard for Technology Specialists with INACSL

SimGHOSTS 2015 USA Laerdal Sponsored Plenary


SimGHOSTS in the Machine: A New Standard for Technology Specialists with INACSL


A team from The Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists (SimGHOSTS) has been working with the International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL) to develop standards for best practice in simulation, focusing on the role of the technology specialist. These standards are being developed with Lori Lioce, DNP, VP of operations for INACSL and Suzie Kardong-Edgren, Ph.D., Editor-in-Chief for the journal Clinical Simulation in Nursing. These and other standards will be available in this journal in the near future.

Laerdal Medical sponsored this plenary session at SimGHOSTS USA 2015 where SimGHOSTS members James Cypert MS, Scott Crawford MD, Lance Baily BA, and Rachel Bailey joined Suzie Kardong-Edgren in presenting their work on this new standard. What does this mean for simulation now and in the future?

Healthcare is quickly being overwhelmed with the ubiquity of technology that has the tremendous potential to transform healthcare as we know it. While technology has presented healthcare with prodigious opportunities, it also represents one of the largest barriers to advancement and innovative practice. SimGHOSTS has always prided itself with being that bridge across the technological barriers and those that are required to introduce, support, maintain, and operate new and old technologies without the deep dive experience and training required to do so.

SimGHOSTS 2014 saw the introduction of a conceptual framework that has been further developed and the purpose of this presentation was to highlight the advent of the Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialist as a profession. To do this it requires the ongoing development of a theory of practice, setting professional standards, building core curriculum to provide ongoing training that meets and exceeds the current certification requirements, and to continue to develop the organizational relationships that will identify the Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists as a group of professionals, not a rag-tag group of individuals from disparate backgrounds thrown into a job because they happen to be the most technical in a group of non-technical individuals.

Highlighting this effort towards the future, Suzie-Kardong-Edgren highlighted the new relationship INASCL and SimGHOSTS are forging, and the Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialist standard that is currently in the review process. James D. Cypert the new executive director for SimGHOSTS then introduced the conceptual framework that went into the standard, the research used to develop it, and future new directions in research to put the standard to the test. With the development of this standard a new and exciting future begins to unfold as the role of the Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialist moves from misunderstood and unclear to seamless precise clarity.

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