SG15UK Technology And Innovation - Making An Impact On Patient Safety

Plenary Address: Technology and Innovation - Making an Impact on Patient Safety

Russell Metcalfe-Smith
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Russell Metcalfe-Smith FHEA MSc BSc(Hons) MCPara CHSE CHSOS moved to Los Angeles in 2013 and setup one of the most incredibly equipped simulation centers which exist at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles. Russell holds a Masters in Medical and Healthcare Simulation and a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Professional Development and is a Registered Paramedic in the UK and USA. Russell stated his career with the London Ambulance Service and became a Paramedic in 2001.

Rapidly progressing in his career he specialized in many aspects of Resuscitation directing and teaching most Advanced Life Support programs. In 2003 Russell accepted a position in a busy London hospital focusing on the prevention of Cardiac Arrest and spent many years teaching and clinically helping numerous patients in acute situations. In 2007 Russell working with key partners developed the concept of a Simulation Center and succeeded in developing and running a very successful Simulation Center in SW London. His combined experience of healthcare in Europe and the US brings an exciting dimension when he will compare and contrast his experience in both health systems.

This plenary address will focus on:

  • Key areas associated with staff planning and the need for technical expertise

  • Discuss the Cedars-Sinai Simulation Center model and its successful implementation

  • Pre surgical team based simulation training

  • 3D printing and its impact on clinical care

  • The innovation and benefits simulation brings when technical and medical get together


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