SG15UK Transforming the Technician to the Technology: Our Future is Now

SimGHOSTS / ASPiH 2015 UK Gold Level & Keynote Address Sponsor


Transforming the Technician to the Technology: Our Future is Now

Dr. Amar Patel Director, Center for Innovative Learning at WakeMed Health & Hospitals

Our future is now! SIM Techs are the backbone for any simulation center. They manage the technology, help address gaps in technological knowledge for faculty and staff, and help ensure the goals of the educational program are met. We are creative! We have hunches and ideas that result in innovative projects. So the next step is to grow from the SIM Tech to the SIM Technologist. We study the art and science of technology so how can we get there? With a little bit of education, a detailed understanding of the role of a technologist, and a clear vision about the impact simulation and innovation can have on patient outcomes, we all can get there. Your vision and passion will guide you into the role of the technologist. It will also help programs understand how valuable that role is in meeting the mission, vision, and strategic goals of the SIM Center. After all, without the technologist how impactful could the SIM Center truly be. This lecture focused on helping the audience explore the importance of building the simulation technologist. Utilizing a question and answer format, the audience was asked to highlight key job description requirements for the role of a SIM Tech and where they believed the first step of a technologist should be. This powerful lecture aimed to motivate the audience and help expand their knowledge of the value of a technologist within a SIM Center.

Learning Objectives:

• Discussion of the impact a technologist can have on simulation ROI and research.
• Outlined steps to transform a technician to a technologist.
• Discussion of the future of simulation innovation and the role of the technologist.


About Laerdal Medical:

Laerdal Medical is a global corporation dedicated to helping save lives through the advancement of the cause of resuscitation and emergency care. The vision of Laerdal is that no-one should die or be disabled unnecessarily during birth or from sudden illness or trauma. Since its creation of the pioneering, and now world famous CPR practise manikin in 1960, the Resusci Anne; many more innovative products have followed to improve and support education for Healthcare Professionals around the world, as well as facilitate the spread of CPR knowledge and skills to the would-be Samaritan in the wider lay community. Laerdal has developed break-through technologies that have helped to define its portfolio of simulation, micro-simulation, virtual reality, automated external defibrillators and emergency therapeutic products as reputable market leaders. Other well known brands include SimMan, SimBaby, SimNewB, HeartStart, Q-CPR, Stifneck, the Pocket Mask and BaXstrap.

The Laerdal Corporation employs 1,400 people in more than 20 countries and has further international representation through a network of over 50 distributors. All employees are committed to the company ethos of ‘helping save lives’ through the ongoing research, development and supply of innovative products to improve patient outcomes. The Laerdal Foundation based at Stavanger, Norway was established in 1980 to provide financial support to practically orientated research and development in acute medicine. Together with a sister foundation in the US, since 2004, the Laerdal Foundation has supported about 1,500 heart function, brain function, circulation/shock, breathing function, CPR and pre-hospital treatment in Europe and the US with funding in excess of £9m. 

Laerdal Medical Ltd are delighted to sponsor ASPiH – SimGHOSTS to help make this a successful event and provide the maximum competence to the participants. Laerdal UK is interested in supporting the education of technical and faculty of simulation based education, in the UK and globally. This is one of our key focus areas, and we have a large group of educators and technical engineers that provide education to simulation staff.


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