SimGHOSTS USA 2013 Event Recap

After doubling registrations from 2011 to 2012, the leadership of the Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists was happy to announce the 2013 meeting. In 2013, The World's first and only symposium dedicated to those operating medical simualtion technology. "The Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specilaists" traveled to Texas August 6th - 9th for SimGHOSTS 2013, which was hosted by San Antonio College


SimGHOSTS 2013 Highlights:

Sponsorship of the event grew in 2013 with 7 medical simulation vendors in attendance, providing more opportunities for Sim Techs to engage with their technologies. SimGHOSTS leadership believes Sim Techs are the real "end-users" of Simulation Technology, and will be the key influencers of future technology-based purchase decisions.

About the San Antonio College's Nursing and Allied Health Complex:

The new Nursing and Allied Health Complex at ACC’s San Antonio College provides state-of-the-art clinical environments and teaching labs to support this growing program. The new facility will allow the College to double its enrollment within three years from 500 to an estimated 1,000 students.

The 120,000 SF facility includes a public clinic as well as classrooms and clinical labs that emulate real-world healthcare environments. "The college is keeping pace with technological advancements that move the healthcare industry forward. We are delighted that the new facilities will expand our excellent programs to involve more students and faculty, and ultimately benefit the community,” says San Antonio College President Dr. Robert E. Zeigler.

The facility supports Dental Technician and Assistant, Medical Assistant, EMT, Medical Transcription and RN Nursing programs. Skill labs, exam rooms, nursing simulator labs, critical care labs, LDR rooms, a pediatric lab, open nurse stations and an ambulance bay module include SimMan technology, beds, and equipment used in today’s hospitals. The complex design and engineering provides full hospital simulation tied to video recording and monitoring for teacher supervision and instruction. The facility features flexible, presentation-ready classrooms; open-area student lounges; and administrative offices as well as sustainable building strategies including solar shading devices, extensive natural light and daylighting controls, regional and recycled construction materials, and water efficient landscaping.

After the first day of pre-conference events, Platinum Sponsor CAE Healthcare hosted dinner for 150 Sim Techs at the local favorite Steak House: Little Red Barn. Live country music, dinner and dancing brought together the growing community of Simulation Technology Specialists from around the world. Watch the video highlights through the video below:

SimGHOSTS Founder Lance Baily opened the dinner, reminding folks that three years ago he took a look around and realized there weren’t enough resources for simulation technicians such as himself, and decided to create the organization and annual training event to better support this growing professional community. Lance reminded us that he loved this work, and loved this community – mostly because it is made up of the “biggest bunch of nerds he had ever met in his life”! He then thanked Tom Doyle and CAE Healthcare of SimGHOSTS for continuing their support of Simulation Technicians and the new non profit organization. Before moving on, Lance also thanked Joe Crain from San Antonio College – for being the key champion this past year, who brought SimGHOSTS to his institution and helped to coordinate the event. Lastly, Lance introduced Ryan Eling – who last year had volunteered to lead the 2013 event – was so impassioned by the work that he has been hired part-time to continue organizing SimGHOSTS events into the foreseeable future! Next, Ryan Eling, the organization’s Event Chair, got up to the mic to remind the attendees that this event is the best opportunity to connect with other Sim Techs facing similar challenges. Ryan then publicly rewarded the SimGHOSTS event team volunteers with authentic cowboy hats to make them “easily identifiable”!

Lastly, Timothy Whitaker Clinical Educator at CAE Healthcare got on the microphone suggesting “We think you all are very important and that’s why CAE Healthcare is sponsoring this event. We know that you are very important to the simulation community and do not let anyone else tell you otherwise! Thank you very much for having us!”

Laerdal Gold Sponsored the keynote address designed to empower the voices of Simulation Technology Specialists through the AHRQ designed communication tool called “TEAMSTEPPS”.

Keynote Address:

The Keynote session began with an update from newly appointed non-profit SimGHOSTS Organization Event Team Chair Ryan Eling with some key survey data from our emerging technical and professional community.

Next, Keynote Speaker Dr. Timothy Clapper PhD (in Education), shared how to empower simulation technicians in their healthcare-based programs by using TEAMSTEPPS communication methods. Timothy covered numerous examples why “brain-based learning” requires healthcare educators to teach more by doing, and why team-based communication practices are necessary to move healthcare into the 21st century. Dr. Clapper explained how these same communication methods can empower simulation technicians to debrief staff teams within simulation learning environments.

This presentation was described by attendees as  “ground breaking” and “powerful!”.

Gold Sponsor B-Line Medical's Co-Founder and CEO Lucas Huang presented two awards worth over $1000 at the SimGHOSTS 2013 San Antonio event!

B-Line Medical Sponsored the following DIY Video contest prizes:

"Community Choice" was awarded to Ryan Douglas from St. David’s School of Nursing at Texas State University for his project “Showing Signs of Life – Adding Vital Signs to Low to Mid Fidelity Manikins for the community voted award. Ryan was awarded a GoPro3 Silver and annual Vimeo account. The grand prize was awarded to Mark Johanneck from UW Health Clinical Simulation Program for his video project on “Re-purposing Used ATLS Training Skins“, which was selected by SimGHOSTS and B-Line leadership! Mark walked away with an iPad mini and a wireless Seagate Portable Hard drive!

Last year’s grand prize winner Fritz Sticht did not walk away empty handed, and was provided a $50 gift card for entering the first DIY Video Contest entry, for his project on building a free EMR system at Behling Simulation Center.

Also at the event, Joey Failma was elected President of our non-profit SimGHOSTS organization by participating attendees and previous attendees online. His immediate executive action was to offer Ferooz Sekandarpoor, who had the second highest vote count, the Vice Presidency. Ferooz graciously accepted this and was “honored” by the offer. The new executive team also invited Scott Crawford to join them as a board member. Joey unfortunately had to resign before the end of the year for personal reasons.  

Later that night the team overwhelming supported the proposal to elect Lizzy Oh, event volunteer, to the position of Secretary.The community-lead organization has really empowered an entire team of dedicated new leadership to expand the work started by the staff of the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas back in 2011!