S3 2017 Singapore High Performance Teams, Transformational Learning Environment

S3 2017 Singapore Plenary Lecture

Assoc. Prof. Fatimah Lateef - High Performance Teams, Transformational Learning Environment

Simulation and medical modelling has become an integral part of interprofessional teams' training. Considering the complexities of medical information, knowledge, technical proficiencies and communications today, healthcare has now outpaced the traditional delivery and conventional education methodologies.

Simulation must be strategically incorporated into a well thought-out and customized curriculum in interprofessional teams' training. Development efforts must be designed to leverage on the team's time and resources, rather than taxing or stressing the members. Building high performance teams is the product of determined intentionality. High performance teams are groups that bring together, members committed to mutual growth and team success. With change as the only constant in our lives and practice, we cannot move away from being adaptable and flexible to transformation.

Learning and teaching can now take place outside the four walls of a lecture theatre or classroom. Our learning environment has taken a change in the form, nature and even appearance. It can happen in the sim-lab, in situ clinical environment and immersive environments, on tablets and iPads, smartphones, through virtual reality training, on computer screens, in the community and even as table top exercises.

The most critical pre-requisite is a growing and developing mindset, open to new ideas, innovation and change. This lecture will share the critical factors for forming a dynamic and robust high performance team as well as the framework to start training such teams. The critical factors include: 

  • A good overview of the team's performance
  • Sharing of best practices for measuring team's performance
  • Suitable measurement tools