FLASIC Affiliation
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Picture: SimGHOSTS President Ferooz Sekandarpoor and FLASIC President Marcia Corvetto

The Latin American Federation of Clinical Simulation and Patient Safety (FLASIC) and SimGHOSTS have committed to a future of collaboration and mutual support through the signing of an affiliation agreement while at IMSH2020 in January, 2020.

FLASIC began in 2007 as ALASIC, the Latin American Society for Simulation in Healthcare before renaming in 2017. FLASIC's mission is to promote the research, application and development of the strategy of training of scientific and healthcare simulation for professionals of health sciences in Latin America. A significant contribution to this mission is publication of the Latin American Journal of Clinical Simulation.

The overall aims of this affiliation include:

  • Promoting each respective organization and their endeavors among relevant networks and wider communities
  • Sharing and developing new knowledge, skills, and resources to benefit the respective membership communities of each organization
  • Providing opportunities for collaboration at individual, institutional and organization-wide levels
  • Enhancing the dissemination of innovations and solutions to community-identified problems among members and the wider simulation community.
  • Establishing pathways for professional development and recognition of the Simulation Technology Specialist in healthcare including training programs and research.

Learn more about FLASIC on their website.