Online Training

SimGHOSTS Online Courses

No matter what your professional background or level of expertise is, or even if you are just interested in a career in healthcare simulation technology, SimGHOSTS has your professional development needs covered with convenient online courses. Developed by content experts and featuring select courses developed specifically  for simulation technology professionals, there are courses suitable for entry level to senior roles. As a bonus, all subscribers have access to FREE employability skills courses that are designed to help you to succeed in your career from job-hunting through to interview, onboarding, and ultimately promotion.

Following the development of the SimGHOSTS Domains, a training needs analysis was performed by collecting and reviewing hundreds of position descriptions related to healthcare simulation technology roles.  This allowed SimGHOSTS to identify core skills required in each of the domains for entry level, intermediate and senior roles. Once the core skills had been identified SimGHOSTS were able to plan an online training curriculum. Subscribers can customize their own professional development plan by identifying the domains that are most applicable to their expertise and role and selecting the courses best suited to their needs.

Our online learning portal is being upgraded and will be available in September 2020!