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Home Grown Simulation Solutions- Are you a Grower?

Tuesday, June 16, 2020  
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by Billie Paschal, SimGHOSTS Board member

Often, we Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists learn from collaborations with our peers, mentors, mentees, and various Health Care Simulation organizations.  We all have “go to” things in our arsenal, but what are you doing to share that awesomeness? We are all working toward similar objectives.  Make a difference in patient safety and educating healthcare professionals. Besides presenting your ideas in Facebook Groups and conference presentations, there is another source! The INACSL HomeGrown Solutions program. 

INACSL HomeGrown Simulation Solutions

The International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL) has been an affiliate of SimGHOSTS since 2016.  This organization has led the way in creating the Standards of Best Practice that Simulation Programs follow around the world.  INACSL had a leader that saw the importance of sharing ideas. Margaret (Meg) Meccariello presented a Low-Cost Solutions lecture at their annual conference in 2007, which sparked INACSL to start the HomeGrown Simulator Contest in 2008.  The introduction ignited a fire that still burns today.  INACSL, in its collaboration with the National League of Nursing (NLN), has an online repository of HomeGrown Solutions found on the Simulation Innovation Resource Center (SIRC).  

Who makes this repository grow? We do! We, the collective we, you, me, people with ideas. Such as David Shablak by showing us the “safest” red options to use for moulage. Matt Stieber and his Parkview Health team shared samples of 3D printing and “skin” they created for a trauma training that I will be able to recreate at my Simulation program.  Jeremy Avarana being part of a grassroots effort to start a statewide consortium of simulation centers-- Simulation Professionals of Texas (SPOT).  Richard Viloria, an IT person drug into Healthcare Simulation that has created the best network for his program’s simulators. (The most reliable connection I have ever seen. That blog will be coming soon).  

Here are the details:

There are four open enrollment dates annually.  The 15th of the following months: January, April, July, and October.  There are five categories: Enhancing Manikin Functionality, Equipment, Medical Supplies, Moulage Ideas, and Uncategorized.  The “Grower” will need to apply, submit pictures (up to five) to show the project in stages, and sign a release stating it is your idea. Keep in mind vendor names are not to be mentioned in the submission.  Video is not required but is optimal.  Upon successful completion, it will be reviewed by a committee made up of INACSL and NLN members.  If selected, your content will be put in the Simulation Innovation Resource Center (SIRC) website.  

Consider this doing your part to serve the Healthcare Simulation community.  The opportunity to be recognized for your mad innovation skills.  HomeGrown Solutions is an excellent way to show your program leadership that you take your career seriously and are proud of what part of the vast Healthcare Simulation world your program is contributing. 

Now, the struggle is choosing which ideas to share first?  Possibly a team submission?  Remember, it takes a village!