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A Simple Solution for Writing Healthcare Simulation Job Descriptions

Thursday, July 16, 2020   (0 Comments)
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by Kirrian Steer, Executive Director, SimGHOSTS

A source of endless debate and frustration, the challenge of naming and describing roles in healthcare simulation has persisted despite maturation of the industry.  The reason for this is simple. There isn’t a single one-size-fits-all role. 

This doesn’t mean though that it is an impossible task.

SimGHOSTS have made it easier for you to define and describe roles with the publication of the SimGHOSTS Capability Framework for Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists. The framework has been developed by industry experts who collected and analyzed hundreds of position descriptions from around the world. The framework defines three employment levels; foundation, intermediate and senior, and defines core competencies for people working in healthcare simulation technology roles. 

By applying the core competencies to a defined role level, within the context of a specific team and workplace, one is able to clearly describe the expectations and requirements of a role. 

The required and/or preferred qualifications, certifications and experience can be added to the description. Beware that by attaching requirements for experience, education or certification to a role you restrict the number of potentially suitable candidates. We recommend that unless they are a strict requirement that these be stated as preferred items and include a general statement around an equivalent combination of education and experience being acceptable. For example, at a foundation level, we recommend completion of high school education with a preference for further vocational training or relevant experience.  

Likewise, the requirement for the candidate to be a registered/licensed health professional should be carefully considered. In some cases, such as when the person in this role is delivering training/education and/or conducting assessments, it may be an accreditation requirement that they are a licensed or registered member of that health profession. Unless it is absolutely necessary for the role, consider making it a preference rather than requirement. 

Example Position Descriptions:

Healthcare Simulation Technician
Senior Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialist