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How to Create a Drug Book

Monday, April 23, 2018  
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By Michelle Claypool

During simulation cases at our facility, we seem to go through many different drugs. Instead of printing out a picture and taping it to a bag of saline, we have just started using a drug book. This allows us the freedom of only having to have a few bags of normal saline in each room. When we need a particular drug, like Mannitol, we go online and find an I.V. bag with a photo of it.




Then, I made a template that will allow the user to replace sections with different names of drugs and various bag sizes. Also, I ensure that the ‘Simulation Use Only. Not for Human Use’ label is in each bag.  After the bag is printed, we laminate it and attach Velcro to the back of each label.

The team has a binder of labels, or "Drug Book" that are kept in the simulation control room.  The labels are very easy to store in a binder. We add the labels to the book as we need them for cases. The book is divided into sections alphabetically and has one half of the Velcro in it for storage purposes. When we are using the labels, we keep them affixed to a bag of saline with half of the Velcro on it, as well. When we are not using them, they are kept stored in the "Drug Book". 

I think that this provides many benefits for a facility. The drug book cuts down on the number of saline bags that a simulation lab has to have for cases. Also, by having a template, it ensures a uniform look between all the bags. Plus, it adds a little bit more realism that saying a bag is hanging or printing a picture of one online that has low quality and taping it to a bag of saline.