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Top Moulage Tutorials To Inspire You For Halloween

Tuesday, October 9, 2018  
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Each year as October arrives there is a surge of interest in special effects makeup and moulage techniques. We have put together a collection that covers wounds, burns and bruises and then added a couple of extras to inspire you for Halloween. For more video tutorials check out our exclusive subscriber-only collection of over 300 videos from workshops and presentations at our events held around the world.

Laceration - Tutorial for a basic laceration with tip for embedded glass



Burns - Detailed steps and demonstration of preparing and then cleaning up a burns moulage on a manikin

Bruises - a great description of the physiology behind the bruise aging process and how to re-create the various stages using moulage.


Ballistic entry/exit wounds - a simple leg entry and exit wound

Compound (open) fracture

Sculpt, mold and cast, paint and apply a silicone flesh wound - detailed step-by-step instructions

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