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University of the Sunshine Coast Embraces CAVE 2 for Teaching Nursing and Engineering

Thursday, June 9, 2016  
Posted by: SimGHOSTS Australia Chair Patrea Andersen
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The term CAVE is an acronym for CAVE Automatic Virtual Environment. Developed by the Electronic Visualisation Laboratory (EVL) at the University of Illinois in Chicago, CAVE 2 creates a 320 degree 3D wraparound virtual environment consisting of 72 3D LCD panels arranged in a circle. The structure is approximately 8 meters in diameter, stands 2.4 meters high, has surround sound audio system with cameras and a optical tracking system. Wearing 3D glasses students are able to enter worlds than can only be imagined. Whether it’s inside the walls of buildings, in the brain or kidney, CAVE 2 provides an immersive learning experience that enhances perception and results in deeper and faster understanding. Historically CAVE 2 has been used for research and gaming development. It’s potential to enhance learning using 3D images that match the clarity and resolution of the human eye and the sense of being able to touch what is not there and the space within the structure allows students to gain a different perspective and creates a learning environment that is very different to traditional approaches and is being researched by staff at The University of the Sunshine Coast. Visualization as a modality of simulation is the focus of and simulation development in nursing and engineering.