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5 Moulage Videos to Save Time and Money!

Thursday, October 31, 2019  
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Following the popularity of our Halloween Moulage Tutorials last year we have decided to do it again, putting together our list of five moulage tutorials that will help to save you time and/or money. For even more moulage tutorials and workshops check out our exclusive subscriber-only collection of over 300 videos from our events held around the world. 

The Mad Simulationist shows you how to save time by pre-preparing moulage effects on Tegaderm and then apply quicky and easily when needed! The Tegaderm trick can also be used for wounds made using scar wax, silicone or gel effects. 

Mix up your own fake blood with this recipe from Sarah Cherney. This is a great solution if you like to control the color and consistency of your moulage blood products. 


You may be familiar with liquid latex but have you ever used it to make latex paste? Elli Macs shows you how to mix liquid latex with other common household ingredients to make prosthetic wounds. 


Faves from last year's post Powdah and Freakmo have come together to show you how to use temporary tattoos to make wounds in just 10 seconds! This one comes with an explicit language warning.


Make your own wounds using silicone, gel or latex products by sculpting and casting your own molds. Egg Head FX show you how in this great tutorial.