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Customize Your Learning Experience

Thursday, March 26, 2020  
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Sim Techs excel at customizing just about anything to meet their needs. They also excel at teaching themselves new skills and developing new expertise to fill a need. Faced with the cancellation or postponement of events, many of you are now missing out on important professional development opportunities. 

SimGHOSTS are working on meeting those needs for you, but it's going to take a little time. In the short term, we have a solution that allows you to customize your own professional development experience. Think of it as selecting treats from our online buffet and design your own half day, full-day or multi-day professional development experience!

If you need to be able to livestream simulations or teach to a remote audience - consider these options:

Practical Considerations for Integrating Serious Games, VR and AR into the Simulation Center Repertoire by Dr Todd Chang - free!

Leading the Way: How Technology is Changing Health Professional Education by A/Prof Patrea Andersen - free!

Digital Distribution in Healthcare Training by Mr Bruce Liang - free!

Parkview Mirro Advanced Simulation Laboratory Video In Situ Debriefing Solution by Shea Noonan and Matt Stieber - free for subscribers.

Mental Simulation: An Untapped and Cost-Effective Resource to Cultivate Safe and Accurate Decision-Making by Teresa Rogers - free for subscribers

If you are planning to take your CHSOS Certification in the next 12 months, consider these options:

Clinical Concepts for Healthcare Simulation Technology Professionals online course - subscribers only $50

IT Essentials: Configuration, Networking and Troubleshooting online course - subscribers only $50

The Associate Degree of Healthcare Simulation Technology will help you to identify areas that you need to study - free for subscribers

If you are using your downtime to review operations and implement some new systems, or even prepare for accreditation, consider these options: 

Learning by Design, Not Chance: Approaches in Healthcare Simulation to Foster Innovation and Adaptability by Dr David Grant - free!


Quality Assurance of High Quality Simulation Delivery - by Expert Panel Dr David John Grant, Dr Gabriel Reedy, Dr Marc Lazarovici Dr Stefan Gisin and Professor Debra Nestel - free for subscribers

Operationalizing the Revised INACSL Standards of Best Practice - presentation by  Barbara Sittner and Scott Crawford - free for subscribers


There are many more great courses and videos available. Check out our Free to Watch videos and subscribe for full access to our video library of over 300 presentations from previous events, free and premium online courses. 

If you need help choosing from all of our professional development resources just email us and we will guide you in the right direction.