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Just-in-time Training for Front Line Workers Caring for the COVID-19 Patient

Wednesday, April 22, 2020  
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by SimGHOSTS Board of Director Todd Dadaleares, CHSOS

Maine is a mostly rural state with 64-70% of the positive COVID-19 patients in the southern region. Maine Medical Center, in Portland, is the largest hospital in the state and is caring for a number of patients suffering from the disease. With just enough time to create specific training for front line workers, Dr. Jeff Holmes, Dr. Leah Mallory and Simulation Nurse Educator Shelly Chipman, RN collaborated with multiple departments and simulation specialists to create just-in-time training for the clinicians caring for these fragile patients. Simulation specialists Susie Lane, CHSOS, Tracie Barbour, CHSOS and Tyler Johnson from the Hannaford Center for Safety, Innovation and Simulation ran COVID-19 simulations with the clinical teams and assisted with recording educational videos pertaining to the care of the COVID-19 patient. The simulations and videos were completed just as Maine Health hospitals were starting to see patients with coronavirus symptoms. The videos can be streamed from Vimeo and the simulations were done with clinical teams from across the institution just-in-time!

Below are three important collaborative videos created at Maine Medical Center and the Hannaford Team Training Facility. Please feel free to share these videos with the clinicians, providers and educators that are working closely with COVID-19 patients.


The first is a Code Blue in the Covid-19 patient. This training includes a pulmonary medicine attending/fellow, an internal medicine resident, anesthesia attending or resident, respiratory therapist, primary care nurse, SCU or cardiac coordinator, EM resident, a special infectious disease team member and a CNA participating.

The second video demonstrates Maine Health’s recommended best practices for intubating the patient with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infection. Included in the training are critical care medicine, anesthesia, emergency medicine, respiratory therapy and infection control.

This training is to familiarize clinicians with donning and doffing a Powered Air Purifying Respirator. Demonstrated by Angela Berry, RN, SIDT and Christina Dematteo, DO this video covers important details including how to properly clean the PAPR after doffing.

The Hannaford Center for Safety, Innovation and Simulation and Down East Emergency Medicine work in collaboration with Maine Medical Center to create simulations and educational experiences for all levels of learners at Maine Health and around the world with clinical and technical innovation.